Are sportspeople heroes?

There's been a bit of talk about this since Cadel Evans won the Tour de France last weekend.

A bit of a brouhaha involving a social/media commentator on a national breakfast TV show. It doesn't seem to be dying away just yet, and I don't want to breathe new life into the issue as it starts to flail, so I won't "name and shame". I've been stewing over it a bit though, and as a result this blog post has been writing itself all week. I've finally had the time to tap this out, belated and blown over as the issue might be.

Keep it simple, stupid.

40ks on the bike last weekend. I gasped for breath the whole way.  5k run during the week. My muscles hurt so much the next day I was walking like a cowboy.

Sucker for punishment so went back for another 5k run yesterday. Coughed up a lung.

A few months off means I don't feel much like an athletic powerhouse these days. So where to from here?