Seven Peaks Challenge: Falls Creek

Today I cut short what would have been a 120k ride to drive over to Mt Beauty and tackle just the 30k climb up to Falls Creek.

I know driving seems to be cheating somehow, but let's not forget I haven't been on a bike much since June...

Seven Peaks Challenge: My old friend, Mt Buffalo

I didn't read Gerro's tips for Mt Buffalo.

I've ridden this climb before - in fact earlier this year I rode it twice in one day as the adjusted course for the Audax Alpine Classic 140. So I knew what I was in for today.

Seven Peaks Challenge: Mt Buller

After yesterday's abysmal experience on Baw Baw, I approached today's climb up Mt Buller with renewed confidence.

I promised you, dear reader, that the Seven Peaks Challenge was not dead, and my commitment to you and the Challenge is unwavering.

Seven Peaks Challenge: Baw Baw aborted

Today's plan was Baw Baw, the second in our plan for the Seven Peaks Challenge.

It was always going to be a tough ask, given that Simon Gerrans' advice for the climb includes the words "steep" and "complete stop".

Though things didn't go to plan, I'm not quite ready to say that my quest for the Seven Peaks Challenge is dust. Not just yet.

Seven Peaks Challenge: Lake Mountain

Surprise... I'm down in Victoria tackling the Seven Peaks Challenge.

The Seven Peaks is not an organised ride as such - it's more an initiative of a handful of resorts in Victoria's alpine regions. Recognising that cyclists travel to their region in the summer to ride their mountains, they print up a 'passport' that you get stamped at the top of each of seven famous climbs.

Today's ride was Lake Mountain.

First 50 - Kurrawah2Duranbah done

You've probably all forgotten I ran my first 50ks a couple of weeks ago now. Hell, I've almost forgotten too!

But better late than never.

Let's be honest, not only do you, dear readers, deserve a race report, so does 50ks.

The magic eight

The Kurrawa2Duranbah website is telling me there is 21 hours and something to go. (Because I'm a slowie I've got an early start so for me it's 20 hours and something.)

I'm feeling like my physical preparation has been pretty good. Mentally, though, I've probably done less than for other events and my strategy is all about the magic eight.

K2D packed and ready

I'm packed and I think I'm ready for my first "ultramarathon".

Yes, I'm using Ironman bags. They're just practical. I don't have Busso envy or anything like that. I'm pretty excited about taking a step up with my running.

My equipment list is a lot smaller than usual, as I'm only running. So what have I got in all these bags?