Three Peaks Challenge Part 2: Coot-tha (again) and Gravatt

I know, running Mt Coot-tha dressed as Wonder Woman is so yesterday... but I made a commitment to do it again today, remember.

I also made a commitment to climb Mt Gravatt with the rest of the Truth or Dare Mountain support crew.

My legs were a bit tired from yesterday's lap, but I got through it all fairly uneventfully... and even keen to go back for more.

Three Peaks Challenge Part 1: Wonder Woman solo on Coot-tha

My friends at Truth or Dare Mountain are completing the Three Peaks Challenge this weekend.

In a sign of solidarity for the sisterhood, I ran Mt Coot-tha this morning dressed as Wonder Woman. (Yes, by myself. In costume.)

I'm going back tomorrow for my second lap and you can join us if you like. But more on that later. Let's cover off the reasons I put myself out there this morning first.