Racing the Suburbs

This last week I've been running a lot.

In fact I ran six times last week, so that I could make a video of myself running six times, for my friend Kate (aka Speedy Reidy), of House of Goals fame.

Speedy Reidy is about to embark on a 250k, six-stage ultramarathon in Iceland - Racing the Planet - so running a measly 55ks, and documenting it, was the least I could do to support her.

Athletic Powerhouse 2.0

There have been some significant mental and physical changes taking place in me lately. Some of you who know me well may have noticed some of these changes, even if I haven't been all that forthcoming in talking about them.

But despite not having known what to say until now, I've been reflecting on these changes for a while... certainly since before Ironman Cairns.

I've decided that there is a new me, I've decided to own this new me, and now I'm going public. I'm launching Athletic Powerhouse 2.0. Here's why and what it all means.