Paying it forward

I get so much support when I do big events, from far and wide.

Friends that pop up unexpectedly, friends that track me remotely, friends that think to send me a text, or an email, to wish me well.

I had the pleasure of paying that energy forward last weekend, to my dear friend Donna, who tackled the Oxfam Trailwalker with her team the Wander Women.

Running winter errands

Each year I find myself with a short lived bout of winter sadness.

Last year I beat it through a combination of public transport and obligation.

This last weekend I ran an errand.

It's global running day and I didn't run

I know right.


Though I feel like it's *really* a day for northern hemisphere runners, where it's the first day of summer. Here it's the first day of winter and it felt like it.

That's not why I didn't run today though. I promise!