Bring on 2013

I had envisioned my final post for this year to be a little more reflective, as is my normal style.

But I've just had a good week of training so instead of all that contemplative, touchy-feely stuff, I'm using this post to brag a bit.

"Are you running a marathon?!"

A few ks into my 18k long run this morning, that's the question I got. Not from a fellow runner. From a lady sitting at a coffee shop in some kind of active wear.

(I know I shouldn't make assumptions about her not being a runner. She may well have gotten up at the crack of dawn and punched out 10ks. But I suspect she hadn't.)

I wasn't. I was only running 18ks. But it got me thinking. What if I was running a marathon three days before Christmas?

Like your first day at school, but worse.

That's how I described my first swim squad in years, before I went.

It's like your first day because you don't know anyone.

It's worse because you have less clothes on.

Home made training food

OK, so 'home made training food' isn't the most enticing blog title ever, but this is a fairly factual post... I don't know what else to call it.

I never thought I'd be the type to be so particular about what I put in to my body that I'd bother to make my own training food. After successfully detoxing though I was determined not to go straight back to my old habits so just like when I detoxed, I've made the time to experiment.

We've found a winner that's easy to make and eat, is wheat and dairy free, and delicious.