Doggone... And back again!

I fell in love with this little furry friend a few months ago. How could I not. This little fella was so cute and polite. There's no barking, he would just sit there at his spot by the fence, watching the passers by, and to me, looking like he really wanted a pat.

I took this photo after I'd noticed him standing in this spot by the fence a few times. I'd stopped and said hello but I'd never had the courage to pat him... just in case.

Prelude to an injury

My stupid ankle injury happened in New Zealand.

The day before I stupidly fell over nothing and moderately sprained my ankle, I spent a few hours running and trekking through the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. 

I'm glad I took the time to do so - the place is breathtaking. Keep reading for a glimpse of the beauty and adventure.

What I didn't need

OK, so this happened.

Yes, that's ice on my ankle, a couple of weeks ago now.

I put ice on my ankle because I had a nasty fall when out running. I haven't run since.