...with a little help from my friends

Since my last blog post I've:
  • taken supplements
  • had a birthday, and received a post card and present from Speedy Reidy
  • got a public hurry up from Tyno Myte via my Facebook page
  • entered Challenge Cairns
  • had the first of what's bound to be many pep talks for Challenge Cairns, from Coach Andy
  • commenced a course of anti-biotics
  • taken supplements

Supplements, anyone?

The Athletic Powerhouse is desperate.

She's taking everything she can get her hands on.

Recommendations from friends, fellow athletes, even work colleagues all lead to another trip to the pharmacy or health food store, and another fifty bucks later, another herb, mineral or wonder drug to pop down the hatch.

I can't seem to kick this cold and I need to. It's only seven weeks till the Run Like Crazy marathon, and the longest run I've done is 24ks. It's not enough.

I heart riding my bike

So it turns out that 24ks really was too much last weekend, compression socks or not.

Perhaps it was the combination of a 24k run on Saturday; a mega-early start on Sunday to officiate at Noosa Triathlon; and a massive Melbourne Cup Day? Either way by Wednesday morning I was back to square one in fighting off my cold.

By Friday I was climbing the walls after no training for nearly a week, so I rugged up and ventured out for a walk. I followed it up with another walk on Saturday, hoping that Sunday would dawn with a little less phlegm. Not quite ready to run, but there would be no walking for me. On Sunday, it was time to ride.

It ain't fashion...

The Athletic Powerhouse is not known for her love of fashion. Case in point - I'm writing this on Melbourne Cup morning, and I don't have any shoes to match the frock I wanted to wear. I have a secret fear that if Trinny and Susannah do a series in Australia, my friends will dob me in for a makeover.

But I digress.

On my long run this weekend, I debuted my CEP compression socks, which are designed to "maximise power, boost energy, and speed recovery time". They aren't the kind of garment you buy for their looks, but I've got the hot pink ones. So do they count for fashion?