Committed, with a sprinkling of crazy

This is how tribron described my efforts on the weekend before last. The hangover marathon was... something. Even I'm not sure exactly what it was.

This weekend just gone was something else entirely. With four weeks til the Glasshouse 100, it was slated to be my last big weekend of training.

So what did I do, and how would I describe it?

"I'm basically going to run a lot."

This was the answer I gave a work colleague last Friday when she asked what I was doing on the weekend. "I'm basically going to run a lot."

As I heard the words come out of my mouth, I wondered whether I should be admired for being so committed to my goals, or whether my plans to basically devote my whole weekend to running 67ks made me the most boring person in the world.

I'm still not sure. Maybe it's a bit of both.

Optimistic / Pessimistic

It sounds a bit pessimistic, but in preparing for my first trail ultramarathon I've focused a lot on my frailties, my limitations, and the unknown.

I've never attempted to cover 100kms on foot before. Preparation has been drilled into me by all the coaches, so I've tried to visualise all the things that the event might throw at me, and incorporate a bit of all of these things into my training.

It's my experience that preparation brings optimism - and that's my natural outlook.