Heaven on the feet

I've written about a lot of mundane things on this blog. For many followers of the Triathlete Chronicles, this will be another. For fellow runners, though, this might be one of that most strikes a chord.

I've got two words for you... NEW SOCKS!

The joy of the feeling of new running socks is truly something that unites runners the world over. You can feel it from the moment you pull them over your feet. As you slip your feet into your running shoes, adjust your laces, and take the first few steps towards your front door, it gets better and better.

There is nothing like running in new socks. It's truly heaven on the feet.

Success... of sorts?

Well this weekend's training was more successful than last, with a run on Saturday and an endurance WT on Sunday to replicate a long ride.

A long way to go before I can consider myself truly "back in training" but it's a start. Let's see what this week brings...

Mind over all

I picked up a free postcard last night. It's one in a series of five postcards - mind, heart hand, eyes, body - which represented the five themes of the creation of fashion.

I thought how appropriate it was that I had received "mind", in terms of my approach to training and competing. In the creation of fashion, "mind" represents a source of knowledge and ideas. Not quite appropriate to the endurance athlete... so I got to wondering what the five themes of endurance sports might be. Maybe:

Mind - a the source of will and strength
Heart - the engine that drives the machine
Breath - an essential fuel, but sometimes, a meditation that comforts and endures
Legs - tools of the trade, propelling us forward
Body - the focus of our efforts, the sum of the parts.