If all else fails Part Two

Thanks for your feedback from my last post, both here and on Facebook.

This is a follow up post, but you'll notice I've called it 'part two' not 'number two'. (Sorry. I'll try to resist any more poo jokes.)

I've learned a lot since Part One, both about blogging and about runners bowel. It's only fair I share my insights.

If all else fails...

You'll know from looking at this picture whether you want to read the rest of this blog post.

If you're an endurance runner, you may already be nodding your head knowingly. If you're not, well, brace yourself for an overview of "runners bowel".

Thirteen suburbs, two bridges, one long run

Well the title of the post sums up everything really.

36ks covers a lot of territory.

It was a big day. I'm still feeling it now.

World record holder. I guess.

I swam a couple of shifts at swim4kids this last week. Even with limited swimming in the last little while, it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Longest run is long no more

This weekend's long run was 32ks.

Usually this is distance of the longest long run I do in training for an Ironman but this time it's just the beginning. Next week is 35.5, and then on alternate weeks, 38.5k, then 42k.

I had to consider yesterday's run as just another long run, not "the big one" and I found the way to do it - International Park Run day.