It's on the List

I've published Vaujany-Alpe d'Huez Triathlon to my Triathlon Links list so I'm now 100% committed. The only way a race link gets off that list is by me being able to move it to the Triathlons I've Done list...

We are one, but we are many

An interesting encounter with some "cyclists" this morning up at Mt Mee. I'd fallen off the back of my pack (nothing uncommon there) and was concerned I'd missed them as I passed through Mt Mee township. I pulled over to call them when the two "cyclists" came by from the other direction.

They correctly diagnosed my predicament and offered some helpful advice that there was a lookout a couple of ks ahead.

"Were there any cyclists there?" I asked.

"Hmmm... there were a few triathletes up there. 2 or 3 of them."

I was a little perplexed at this chaps choice of words. It was as if he wasn't sure whether he should consider my triathlete friends as cyclists or not. OK, so triathletes might like to poke a bit of fun at roadies' penchant for white nicks and long socks - but generally I thought we were all at one with one another. Am I wrong?

Maybe next time I have a workmate or neighbour bail me up about what a danger "cyclists" are on the road, I should agree with them - but be sure to make the point that "triathletes", on the other hand, are models of consideration, lawfulness and patience when riding their bicycles on the road?

Something in the air

It's a great time of year to be out training.

With two weeks until Mooloolaba and three 'til the Australian Ironman in Port Macquarie, the roads and bike paths are full of athletes putting the finishing touches on their training.

Finely tuned athletes, testing their new race outfits, and gaining that extra bit of confidence from what they know is one of their last big sessions before they start tapering - resting their bodies and focusing more on the psychological than the physical side of their race.

There are also a fair share of weekend warriors out there who look like they're just starting out - perhaps sneaking in a run or ride to convince themselves they really can make good on that drunken pact they made with their mate, to run the 10ks or cycle the 40 in a team event.

Whatever their motivation, whatever the goal, I often experience a wave of comraderie for those out there with me. Especially on days like today, so close to race day, there's something in the air that's almost palpable... a mixture of anticipation, self-confidence, nervousness and excitement.

More than anything, there's a sense of positivity in the air. Go on... breathe it in...

Mountains all around

Rode up Mt Mee yesterday, and was delighted to see that Mt Beerwah (at least I think it's Mt Beerwah) was part of the view.

OK, so Mt Beerwah is a little unclear. Admittedly it wasn't the clearest day but I've decided that if I am to remain serious about this blog, I will have to invest in a mobile phone that takes better photos!

Guinea Pig

The tickets are booked, the plans made.

All remains now is to train for the Alps! Our longest day cycling is 140ks taking in Col D'Galibier, Col D'Telegraph, Col de la Croix and Alpe d'Huez.

When the planning started I thought I'd be able to devote my time to cycling, but we happened to find a triathlon over there just a few days after the Tour. So now I have to prepare for a 2.2k swim and a 22k run, either side of a 115k ride through the Alps.

I've decided to stay with my original plan of mainly cycling, with a run and a swim each week, plus a run off the bike. My training schedule will be flexible, so I can train with friends as much as possible, as a contrast to the lonely miles I clock up when training for Ironman.

It will be a test of my commitment and discipline to be able to train with a less rigid schedule - but sometimes you have to experiment a little and see how it works out.