28 days and hatching Plan B

It's four weeks to Ironman Melbourne. In 28 days time I'll, hopefully, be heading towards halfway through my marathon.


I hit a bit of a setback this week in the form of a tight gluteus maximus / piriformus. No injury as such; it's just tight as hell. This means a fair bit of rest in the short term to avoid more serious injury. Which, given the timing, translates to a slightly longer taper than I'd planned on.

Time to hatch Plan B.

Brush with fame: Justin Langer

Last Friday on my long run I ran into Justin Langer.

Not literally. Man, that would have been embarrassing...

But then again, I said something kind of lame anyway so I might as well have made a complete fool of myself by bumping smack bang into him...

But more what I said later. Let's focus on why I said it (even if it came out all wrong).

It's training. It's meant to be hard.

I completed the Alpine Classic 140k a couple of weeks ago and with that my first goal for 2013 is done.

It was a long day, the hardest I've ever had on the bike.

There were many reasons for this I guess but its probably as simple as this - it was my hardest day on the bike because it was a bloody hard day. But more than that. I hadn't trained specifically for this event - this event was Ironman training. Training is meant to be hard.