Something goes in there... it comes out different

KKB and I planned a trip to Lennox Head this weekend, so I did my open water swim in an unfamiliar location, Lake Ainsworth. We'd stopped off at Byron Bay to find that the surf was larger than I'd like, and the pool closed for the winter.

When we checked in to our apartment we asked about the safety of swimming in Lake Ainsworth. He was forthcoming with a detailed explanation of how the water is therapeutic because of the abundance of Tea Trees in the area.

And that's how it started.

Not happy, (but then there was) Jan!

Another record training run this morning, 26Kms, leaving from home and ending up at work.

It was a long time to be out there. I'd woken up with a bit of a sore throat and a sniffle, and even though part of the run took in the bike path along Coronation Drive, I was failing dismally in the popularity stakes. It isn't often I run or ride along there without seeing someone I know. When I got to the 20K mark, my chances were further diminished when I was diverted to the footpath of Coronation Drive, away from the cyclists, who are able to continue along beside the river.

Something had to turn this around, didn't it?

$5 for a can of Coke, but no free Tshirt.

Today was the last day of my recovery week. I've let my body "recover" by running the best part of a half marathon on Wednesday, and completing the equivalent of a Half Ironman today.

I know, followers of the Athletic Powerhouse, that you will share my disenchantment that no free Tshirts were forthcoming at the end of these efforts, the way there would be at the end of the real thing. I hope, though, that you will enjoy the story of how I happily parted with with $5 in exchange for a can of Coke.

All kinds of states

The picture's fairly explanatory really. I rode to New South Wales today. (Just from the Gold Coast. Not from Brisbane.)

Even so, it was another long day. Training was an open water swim followed by a 130k ride... topped and tailed by an hour's drive.

Geographically, I may only have covered two states, but emotionally, I was in all kinds of states.

Mother, woman, lady or girl?

It's Mothers Day today. Andy had a big day planned for me. 150Ks on the bike, including Mt Nebo, with a short run to follow. It would be the first training day where morning lapses into afternoon before you know it.

Halfway up Mt Nebo a fellow cyclist came up behind me, puffing as much as I was, and as she passed, slowly, she wished me a happy Mothers Day. I wished her the same, then asked her if she was a mother. She said she was, paused, then asked if I was. When I said I wasn't, she said cheerily, "Well, happy Mothers Day anyway".

This chance encounter, and an off hand remark, provided some food for thought as I ticked through some Ks in a very long day.