Crazy last run

Yesterday afternoon I tried the Wonder Woman costume Speedy Reidy and I are wearing for the Run Like Crazy Marathon and after party at Honey Bar.

I tried both versions, the complete costume for the after party first. KKB kindly pointed out that I need to wear red briefs over my tights to get the required coverage. Damn cheap tights!

I then put on the version for the half marathon, including the red cape, and realised:
  • I hadn't done a practice run in it
  • I had meant to do a short run this afternoon, but then got distracted by a glass of red wine.

Half and/or Half Arsed

I've done it. I've relegated myself to the half at the Run Like Crazy Half Marathon.

It wasn't an easy decision. I'm not the kind of person or athlete that takes the easy way out. But, given I'm also not the kind of person or athlete that can just punch out a marathon, I know it's the right thing to do. It's simple. I haven't done the training I need.

Had I fronted up for the marathon, it would have been a half arsed effort at best. But copping out into the half marathon feels half arsed too.

Worst run ever

This Saturday's run was hard. It hurt when I started. It hurt when I finished. I don't remember much of it that didn't hurt along the way.

It wasn't the longest run I'd ever done. I ran a route I'd run many times before, so I hadn't misjudged the terrain. I had my trusty Garmin 310XT, so I didn't overestimate the distance. It was hot on Saturday, which of course didn't help.

I was ever hopeful after last weekend's run with Speedy Reidy, but the same bliss was not to be.

Two hours of insanity

Those of you who live in Brisbane know it was raining on Sunday morning. Not lightly, either.

I'd arranged to meet Speedy Reidy at the Powerhouse at 7.30 to accompany her on the last 15ks of her 35k long run. When my phone went off just after 5am I went downstairs to check it, correctly thinking it would be Speedy Reidy. I incorrectly predicted the contents of the message - 'Am running. See you at the powerhouse, AP.'

I went back up and announced to KKB, "this is going to be two hours of insanity".