Smiling in sunny (?) Cairns

It's a few weeks now since Ironman Cairns. It's been a busy few weeks of travel since then so I apologise for my late race report.

If I had have written my race report in the days after the event, it probably would have been a lot about how I suffered on the run and didn't meet the goal I'd set for myself.

Time often changes perspective though, and I'm now feeling much better about the race. Especially as I have it on good authority that despite how I was feeling, I kept on smiling.

Color Run - it's not a typo

Today I did the Color run in Chicago!

It was advertised as an untimed 5k run (by my Garmin it was only 4.2ks or so) and it claims to be the happiest 5k in the world. It is pretty cool.

There isn't much to say really so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Ironman actually is pretty amazing

Today is four sleeps til Ironman Cairns.

It's also my bestie's birthday so I went to The Vanilla Pod to get a delicious cup cake to celebrate for her (she lives overseas so it's the best I can do, really).

Was I feeling just a tad guilty having cake for lunch this close to a race? Hell yes. But not for long.

Hello June. And Ironman Cairns.

Well, that happened quickly.

Just a moment ago, I was getting my May training mojo back.. and now it's June, and Ironman Cairns is only a week away.

I'm so excited that this race is nearly here... I'm nervous and curious to see how my body races after an abbreviated  program since Ironman Melbourne.