Countdown to Challenge Roth: Days 76 - 72

For followers of the Athletic Powerhouse on Facebook or Twitter - I'm sorry I've neglected my pledge to post a photo a day this week.

Since I've come out and admitted to suffering from man flu, I thought I'd seek some more sympathy by fabricating my photo a day for this week...

Come on. Humour me. It's not all bad, I promise.

Man Flu bites

I've done my research and Man Flu does exist. Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary both have quite detailed definitions of the ailment. I even found this informative website dedicated to man flu - including a self help guide.

The problem with all of these resources is gender bias - claiming that only men can contract the virus, and that it's a source of merely emotional, not physical pain, for women.

I think I've proved them all wrong.

Countdown to Roth: Days 100-90

Because I know there's a few of you that read my blog and don't do Facebook or Twitter, here's a recap of my now famous* photo a day.

Challenge Roth posted a photo on the day that there were 100 days to go. I shared it and decided to post a photo a day until the race. So far so good.

Posting them here too will not only give me a chance to share my photos with all of you, it'll give me a chance to share some of the detail behind the photos too - some are self explanatory but others have more story than 140 characters allows. Here we go, dear readers!

*famous amongst my 50 Fans and 69 Followers

A lone wolf in a band of Coyotes

I've been a bit quiet on the Chronicles front. To summarise the last couple of months, it's fair to say my training has been building reasonably nicely. I'm up to 110k long rides on the bike, I've been putting in 3k swim sets (admittedly not regularly enough) and my ankle is finally up to double digits running.

On the other hand, I haven't done any specific training so on Friday morning as I was getting ready for what I expected might be a bit of a test, I was doubting my decision to front up to a one hour time trial with KKBs old training group, the Coyotes.

If nothing else, it would be a good look at how my training is really going, after all in the "race against the clock" there's nowhere to hide.