September Salvation: So far

Since I first posted about September Salvation on Sunday 4th, I'm sure you're all dying to know how the first four days have gone.

Day 1 - doesn't really count, as I made my pledge sitting at the hairdressers at 8pm or so. Had done a very quick and half hearted session on the stationery trainer that morning. I'll make it up. Had fish and chips for dinner too. Double ouch.

Day 2 - rode 20ks at an average of 25k/hr. Now that I think about this, I'm not sure it meets the "one hour minimum" requirement...

Day 3 - 35k River Ride. Won't mention average but the cemetery hill got my heart rate well up. Bought hummus at the shop to substitute for butter.

Day 4 - 90 minutes on the stationery trainer watching Eat Yourself Sexy. Crap show, but got motivated to look at my diet as part of Salvation.

So now you know.

September Salvation

Motivation comes from the strangest places at times.

I should be motivated by some of the events I've got on the horizon. I've committed to running with Speedy Reidy's team in the Worldwide Festival of Racing on October 9, and I really want to ride the 200k offering (rather than settling for the 110k version) of the Frank Papp Memorial Audax ride on 12 November.

Both of these events are personally meaningful to me, so I'm surprised that I've found my spark to get back into training from something that seems so much more frivolous. A friend posted on Facebook that she was going to exercise every day this month and completely on a whim I commented that I would too.

And then it was done: I committed myself to September Salvation.