The holding pattern

I flew to Melbourne yesterday and got my registration out of the way.

I packed and repacked my transition bags a few times today.

Well, more than a few.

Kings of the Coast 3.8k swim

I arrived at Lake Kawana on Sunday very unsure of what lay ahead of me.

It was a very respectable start time of 8.30 registration for a 10.45 race start - the down side of this is that there is plenty of time for nerves and doubt to creep in.

I started questioning everything - do I wear my wetsuit, do I change down to the 2k swim that I didn't know was on, do I just go home...

King or Joker?

Tomorrow I'm doing the Kings of the Coast open water swim.

I haven't entered even though it's been on my program for months - I even nominated it as one of my goals for this year.

So why am I fronting up for a late entry rather than being preentered and prepared like normal? Good question.