Quickest Post EVER!!!

I'm in Busselton and it's Friday before race day.

Rode this morning in pissing down rain and a cross wind. We've been told Sunday will be less rainy and windy, though still cool.

I am anxious as always prior to a race, but am excited about the prospect of raising money for Operation Flinders. This time I have the opportunity to help kids that need a helping hand - if that's not enough reason to get to the finish line, I don't know what is.

Sunday Morning

My grandfather used to always say that early morning was the best time of the day. As a kid I didn't get it and as a sullen teenager I couldn't fathom it.

As a triathlete, I revel in it.

It's taper week so my ride this morning was shorter and more leisurely than they have been of late. As I rode along the Wynnum foreshore this morning there was plenty of proof that Pa was onto something.

A couple gutting their catch from a morning out fishing on the Bay. A few friends jogging through the park. Some girl friends walking their dogs and others taking a stroll to the shop for the paper or bakery goodies for breakfast.

As I headed back towards home there was a bloke trying to rescue his golf ball from a scratchy part of the golf course. And further along my journey, a few friends on the way home from a night out, beer can still in hand.

Yes, morning is the best part of the day. Sunday morning especially so, because it's yours to use for what you love doing most.

Run like a...?

Well, firstly, I hope I DO run like a girl.

I've been wondering though lately, what I do look like when I run. I seem to be very recognisable, from any angle and sometimes from great distances. I often get encouragement from people on bikes, in cars and as they pass me from behind.

Don't get me wrong. I love my friends giving me a bit of a gee up when I'm out on the road. God knows I need it. But... is it just me that is recognisable from a couple of hundred metres, and from behind? And if so, why?

Maybe my lard-arse is so wobbly the rebounding would be visible from the moon? Or would that be the spare tyre movement around the middle that makes me so distinctive?

Maybe what I've joked about for so long is true - and I really am the slowest runner in the world?

Maybe my favourite old running shorts really are see through in the sun, and I'm recogniseable by my white lard-arse shining through the disintegrating lycra?

I don't know what the answer is to this. Maybe the answer is that everyone else's running style is just as recognisable too... and we all just run like ourselves?

Tickets on what?

I've just bought a new car, and as my short time relying on public transport draws to a close, I'd like to reflect on one of the experiences that rebounds in my mind.

A couple of weeks ago I shared a bus with a fellow carrying a backpack that still had the baggage ID tags from the Gold Coast Marathon. On seeing them I immediately consigned him to the same category of those who leave their bike number ID tags on after major triathlons, for just a little too long. Bloody wankers!!!

The Gold Coast Marathon was in July. Early in July. This bloke certainly no longer needed ID in order for him to collect his backpack post event.

As I sat there clutching my Ironman New Zealand official merchandise backpack though, I couldn't help but change my outlook.

This anonymous man had suffered through blood sweat and tears to complete one of the events at the Gold Coast Marathon. Even if it was the 10k... he obviously feels proud enough of his achievement to have kept those tags on his backpack for a significant time later.

Tickets on himself? Who cares. It's nobody's call but his. Be proud of your achievements and if you feel the need, advertise them however you feel comfortable.

Your guess is as good as...

We have started the "guessing competition" for Ironman Western Australia. One of the other girls from the squad has put herself on the line as well, and our finishing times are up for speculation for all and sundry.

Deal is, it's $25 per guess, closest guess wins a designated prize pool, with most of the funds going to Operation Flinders. (Full Terms and Conditions are available on request.)

It is kind of scary having everyone take a guess - and I suppose it's difficult for those closest to us to take a punt. What if they guess too slow - does that show a lack of faith in our abilities? What if they guess too fast a time - will we feel inadequate if we don't measure up?

I think I write on behalf of us both in saying... just do it. It's just a guessing competition. There aren't any odds and it's not a popularity contest. We're both putting ourselves out there - so why don't you too?

It's only $25, it's for a good cause, and who knows - your guess might even be good for a bit of spare cash.