The day the Tour de France came to Brisbane

This week's Ride with Relief was a fantastic spectacle for Brisbane. As a digital marketer and as an "athletic powerhouse", I have always wanted to participate in one of Lance's now famous Twitter rides, so I took the opportunity (and the morning of work).

It's a big call, likening it to the Tour de France, I know. Let's face it, it was just Lance Armstrong, Robbie McEwen, and Allan Davis, headlining a charity bike ride for a few thousand cyclists. How can that be compared to the spectacle of the world's largest sporting event?

Beer Mile Flood Relief - guessing competition

This year's blockbuster is coming to a Brisbane park near you!

For an awesome good cause, the Athletic Powerhouse and SpeedyReidy will star in:

The Beer Mile Flood Relief Appeal: Raising money for victims of Queensland’s flood disaster.

Lives on the street

A slightly off topic post today following spending the day yesterday helping a friend salvage his flood ravaged house.

I'm choosing my language carefully, and using the term "house" deliberately. My friend's house is a shell - no walls, no ceiling, and most pertinently, none of the personal possessions that make a structure a "home".

He has family and friends that foresaw the devastation. I'm told the recovery mission to strip the house of furniture, clothing - and even the new bathroom vanity - was epic. Some of his neighbours, like others all over Brisbane, Queensland, and now Australia, have not been so fortunate in these floods.

Practice makes perfect

So, Speedy Reidy and I have made a pact to run the Beer Mile this Australia Day.

What is a Beer Mile? I'm glad you asked. Basically it goes like this:
Beer - run 400m - beer - run 400m - beer - run 400m - beer - run 400m.

"Is this serious?" I glad you asked this too. I asked the same thing, and was surprised (and also delighted) to find that the Beer Mile is globally regulated. There are proper rules, and official world records.

Like most events I enter, the Athletic Powerhouse has commenced a serious commitment to preparation.

The RunLikeCrazy (Half) Marathon

After more than twelve months of following Tristan "T-Bone" Miller's Run Like Crazy adventure, the day was finally here.

Especially since I'd dropped back to the half marathon, I felt very little pressure, and could enjoy the day. I was looking forward to meeting Tristan, and to supporting Speedy Reidy to finish her first Marathon.

On reflection, my relaxed and cheerful readiness to run seemed a fitting way to approach being part of Tristan's remarkable achievement of running 52 marathons in 52 weeks, right across the world.