I can't believe I did hill reps...

I remember enjoying hill reps. Maybe that's because I haven't done hill reps for even longer than speed work?

Even so I was a bit unsure. But KKB preempted the lame excuse I was thinking of using, "I'm new to this area, I don't know where any hills are..." by pointing me in the direction of the perfect hill for such training and off I set.

Maybe my memory of enjoying hill reps was accurate after all.

Double Hell

When looking over the downloaded program, I made a few notes and committed myself to double runs throughout my marathon program.

While many people doubt the theory of the double run, it's a godsend for athletes like the Athletic Powerhouse, who have trouble covering enough distance in programs where long runs are based on time. Rather than attempting to build long runs by too much time each week, I've opted to follow the prescribed weekly long run with a shorter run that afternoon.

Yes, it can seem like hell. But it's worked for me before...

This afternoon kind of hurt, but only for the first few hundred metres.

My mysterious double life

The athletic powerhouse has had a slow couple of weeks. Duty called and for a weekend I resumed my secret life as a technical official for Triathlon Queensland.

(Hey, it almost sounds glamorous when you put it like that, like Superman ducking into a phone booth to emerge as a lycra clad superhero...)

The Mooloolaba Triathlon particularly was challenging as always, with record numbers of athletes to cater to and a new extended transition layout... but wait, there's more - cyclonic seas meant the Plan B swim course which had to be measured and verified before the gun went off...

As a result I've missed my long run for the last two weeks. Not ideal of course but what else can you do when you've got a demanding double life to uphold?

This morning I took up where I left off with a long run into Teneriffe Ferry. It all went OK so no harm done, I guess...