Chicken or Egg?

Yes, it's been a long time.

I've agonised about this post because I'm supposed to write about my training and racing - about my quest for the perfect Ironman. Not having trained, least of all for an Ironman, I've struggled with what I should write about?

In reality, there's plenty. We're planning our next adventure, a trip to France to cycle some of the stages of le Tour. I've recently bought a mountain bike. So in reality, there is heaps of excitement, lots to look forward to, and more than a little apprehension about whether I can do these things. Not unlike how I feel when I start dreaming of my next Ironman finish.

Usually what appears on this blog is the aftermath. The pondering of my training and racing. This time, I'm hoping it's like the chicken and the egg - that my writing can inspire my training rather than what usually comes first.

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