Thanks for the memories

I was a TO at Mooloolaba on the weekend and for the first time I was thanked by an athlete for volunteering for the sport.

I was surprised at how good It felt to be appreciated in this way. As a technical official you are quite often on the receiving end of anything but thanks, especially if you are sent out on the bike to be a draft official... or even worse, stationed in Penalty Box!

Even so, like most volunteers, I don't TO for the thanks, I do it because I perceive a need to deliver a service I believe in. The politics of the governing bodies of triathlon aside, I love the sport of triathlon, in all its forms. I predict that when I look back on my life in later years, some of my fondest memories will be steeped in triathlon.

So, no, I don't TO for the thanks I get, but I'm already thankful for my triathlon memories.

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