It's only 3ks...

I returned to my old Hood this morning for the first of several 3k Time Trials that Pat Carroll recommends you do when training for a marathon.

I'm a little unsure about that. Speed work is one thing, but when you're as (un)gifted as the Athletic Powerhouse, time trials can be downright depressing...

I won't embarrass myself with details, but I was fairly impressed with my effort this morning. Whether I continue to impress in future Time Trials, well, that remains to be seen.

Exploring the new 'Hood

Since I got married I've moved. (KKB and I are renowned for living apart. When we got engaged one of my friends even asked whether, when we got married, it would mean we would actually move in together. Yes, Miri, it does mean we moved in together!)

So new digs means new running options.

While I've been a bit tentative about it, as I now live closer to the Kedron Brook bike path, which was well known for attacks on women last year. As far as I'm aware, they've never found the offender.

Even so, this morning's run ended up taking me along Racecourse Road and Kingsford Smith Drive. Nice scenery to explore, without a doubt.

What's speedwork?

OK so I downloaded the Pat Carroll program from the Gold Coast Marathon website. It's a serious running program with (gasp!) speed work.

I haven't done speed work for a while. Up until this morning I was quite doubtful that I would ever be able to motivate myself to do it, particularly as I'd opted to train solo rather than with a squad.


I'd forgotten the adrenaline rush that comes from running hard. And even though I was training alone, a cyclist gave me a bit encouragement as I stopped to catch my breath between efforts.

And of course, it's fairly easy to trick yourself into speed work when the set is 6 x 1.45 minute efforts. You can tell yourself it's only ten and a half minutes running...