It takes three weeks, right...

I've completed the first two weeks of what I can fairly honestly say is proper triathlon training.

I made a commitment about a month ago to train six times a week, and although I can't say I've achieved this, the last two weeks have definitely qualified as some form of training for triathlon
  • a run over 10ks
  • a long ride (or in today's case, a long WT due to rain)
  • a swim session
  • ... plus a couple of other bits and pieces each week.
I know, I've got a long way to go before I can feel confident that I've got an Ironman in me physically. But I figure by the time 2010 rolls around, I'll be doing 12k long runs and 80-100k long rides. An OD age grouper would be doing this at the peak of the training. A HIM athlete would be happy with this as a base for any endurance program.

Since it takes three weeks to form a habit... wish me luck to keep it up for Christmas week...

You've got mail

Package arrived today from Roadrunner Sports. KKB and I have been ordering up a storm.

I've got enough GU to see me through for many a long run. I'm excited (in some sick, deluded way) to try the new Mint-Chocolate flavour. It's one of their special holiday flavours, along with Vanilla Gingerbread. Apparently it's a limited edition, so I hope I don't like it that much...

Add to this mountain of Gu Goodness the Megaburn Bars donated to me by my recently "retired" friend Annie, and I'm set.

Running Like Crazy

Happy birthday to my new online buddy, T-Bone, who will run like crazy for all of 2010.

I discovered T-Bone on one HD's Thursday Night Live, when I tuned in to watch an interview with Craig Alexander. There was T-Bone, being interviewed about his dream to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks. His adventure will see him attempt to complete marathons in all of the continents, including some of the "must do" events like Boston and New York.

I started following his blog and recently discovered he'd decided to run the last of his marathons at home in Melbourne on New Year's Eve next year. He put the call in for 100 runners to join him and before I knew it, I was emailing him telling him what an honour it would be to run his last of these marathons with him... practically begging him for a spot!

Call it a moment of weakness, call it the comradarie of running, call it crazy, if you will. But whatever you call it, I'm officially in.