Ready to roll

The time has come. I'm sitting at the airport, looking forlornly at the Triathlete Chronicles, shaking my head at the irony of it. The more I train, the more I have to blog about. Sadly, the more I train, the less time I have to actually blog.

This last couple of weeks, I've done some of my best and worst training sessions, of this program, and perhaps ever. I've constructed perfect blog posts out there on the road, none of which have made their way to their rightful home.

Since my last blog post, I've
  • done my longest ever training ride
  • run 30ks before work (and rewarded myself with German Sausages for lunch. Thanks Matt!)
  • been massaged to within an inch of my life
  • had both my mental and physical well being saved by recovery week. (Man, I needed that so bad.)

It's just under five weeks to the big race. I'm on holidays from work and I'm looking forward to relaxing a little, and enjoying being able to just train for a couple of weeks, before tapering. As you can probably tell from list above, the hard work is in the bank. I can let my body recover for a bit now,

I won't make any promises, but I hope to also spend a little more time blogging. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to recreate some of the moments from the last few weeks. I hope But maybe I've got so much good stuff ahead, that I'll be busy just keeping up with what's to come:
  • Riding the Alpe d'Huez triathlon bike course
  • Chasing the Tour de France around the Alps and Pyrenees
  • Quality time with friends and KKB
  • Exploring the unknown

Wish me well, dear readers, and get ready for the ride.


  1. Go, AP!! You rock. I just published my first post in nearly two weeks and then came to check out where you're up to: it's virtually verbatim re: the catch 22 of training v. blogging. So, please know that I admire and respect you too much, nor do I have the technology, to steal your thoughts. I hope you've had a great trip over there and continue to prosper.

  2. Speedy Reidy, deja vu for me too! Couldn't believe my eyes when I read your blog post about training V blogging, right before coming here and seeing this comment! I know you have way too much integrity to rip off my work (not to mention too much talent to need to!!)