Crazy last run

Yesterday afternoon I tried the Wonder Woman costume Speedy Reidy and I are wearing for the Run Like Crazy Marathon and after party at Honey Bar.

I tried both versions, the complete costume for the after party first. KKB kindly pointed out that I need to wear red briefs over my tights to get the required coverage. Damn cheap tights!

I then put on the version for the half marathon, including the red cape, and realised:
  • I hadn't done a practice run in it
  • I had meant to do a short run this afternoon, but then got distracted by a glass of red wine.

So dressed like this and with a glass of wine and soft cheese and crackers in my belly, I went for a run.

I drove down to punch out a few quick Ks on the Jim Soorley Bikeway. (I drove to take the safe option of not having to run through the suburban streets in costume, but now I think about it, should I have driven?)

There were some serious looking cyclists under the shelter at the Nundah Criterium Circuit, who tried not to notice me. I got a smile and a wave from a less serious looking cyclist though, and another couple who were walking along the path smiled as well.

It wasn't long before the red wine, tasty as it had been, felt really unstable in my tummy. I turned round after just over a K, satisfied that I'd at least tried out the costume, including the silver 'bullet deflectors' which Speedy Reidy had recommended against. They were a little hot and uncomfortable, so the jury is still outn them.

Perhaps, being 'bullet deflectors' and all, they will act as a reminder of my strength and help get me through on race day...

Yeah. Crazy.

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  1. AP You ROCK!! Although it was never explicitly mentioned, I'm sure that it's these types of events that made up the best days of Brian Adams life.

    You definitely look the part (crazy), and run the part (crazy - wine!?!). Can't wait to run with you on Monday. Safe travels, Wonder Powerhouse.