September Salvation: So far

Since I first posted about September Salvation on Sunday 4th, I'm sure you're all dying to know how the first four days have gone.

Day 1 - doesn't really count, as I made my pledge sitting at the hairdressers at 8pm or so. Had done a very quick and half hearted session on the stationery trainer that morning. I'll make it up. Had fish and chips for dinner too. Double ouch.

Day 2 - rode 20ks at an average of 25k/hr. Now that I think about this, I'm not sure it meets the "one hour minimum" requirement...

Day 3 - 35k River Ride. Won't mention average but the cemetery hill got my heart rate well up. Bought hummus at the shop to substitute for butter.

Day 4 - 90 minutes on the stationery trainer watching Eat Yourself Sexy. Crap show, but got motivated to look at my diet as part of Salvation.

So now you know.

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