One of THOSE people...

I usually drive to work and as I drive home, I spot runners loaded up with their backpacks, running home from work. I admire them, and I admonish them.

I've never been an afternoon trainer. I find it really hard to motivate myself to train after a day at work. So usually, I look with envy at those afternoon trainers as they bob along beside those of us kept captive by our cars and peak hour chaos.

My car is at the panel beater this week, so with a choice between a bus/train combination and a 9k run, I became one of those people.

Training at this time of day is different. Your energy levels are different, your frame of mind is different, and the people you see along the way, well, they're different too.

Normally as I run, the day gets brighter. Yesterday, the sky got darker. Until I got out until the 'burbs proper, I was concerned that I might disappear without a trace. In a way, this was handy. I think I ran a little faster through the inner city commercial areas, just in case.

Usually, in the early morning, things are quieter. Running through peak hour traffic provides a bit more of a buzz. When I got home, I was surprised to feel that the hustle and bustle hadn't changed my ability to clear my head and think things through, the way I normally do on a run.

When it comes to the people, well, funnily enough, I only encountered one other commuter runner the whole way home. I did, however, encounter a pizza promoting pirate. True story.

I always seem to enjoy running as a means of transport. Along with everything else, it is really satisfying to have gotten somewhere on your own steam.

I don't know whether become one of "those" people permanently, but I'm thinking it'd be good to throw in a run home more often than I do now.

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