A bedtime alarm

I've just set a bedtime alarm.

My old Ironman watch that sits down on the computer desk in the lounge room will go off at 9.30pm every night.

To remind me to go to bed if I haven't already.

It sounds silly I know. Mostly because you shouldn't really go to bed until you're tired, right?

But if I don't go to bed early, I don't get up early, and then I don't have time to train before work. And if I don't train, I don't get tired enough to go to bed early.

I'm perilously close to being lured into this endless cycle - I've skipped a couple of days training this week for no good reason. In an effort to pick up my game, I've set an alarm.

Thanks Tyno for the tip. I'll let you know how it goes.

And now, it's just after 9pm. I think I might go to bed early.

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