Three Peaks Challenge Part 2: Coot-tha (again) and Gravatt

I know, running Mt Coot-tha dressed as Wonder Woman is so yesterday... but I made a commitment to do it again today, remember.

I also made a commitment to climb Mt Gravatt with the rest of the Truth or Dare Mountain support crew.

My legs were a bit tired from yesterday's lap, but I got through it all fairly uneventfully... and even keen to go back for more.

Firstly, Mt Coot-tha. Today was much like yesterday's lap in many ways.

I nearly pulled the pin, once again feeling a bit nuts for running in a superhero outfit by myself. In the nick of time KKB appeared unexpectedly and encouraged me to stick to the plan.

There were still a few hard core trainers that wouldn't make eye contact with me and a colleague out with his training group that seemed a bit embarrassed when I encountered him not long into the ascent up the front.

Most notably, though, there was this one recumbent cyclist that I saw at least three times during the run. Not once did he acknowledge me! I took this a little personally... if you ask me the jury's out as to whether a recumbent bike or a cheap superhero costume makes you look more nuts...

The athletic powerhouse at the Summit of Mt Coot-tha
At the summit for the second time. 

How good is this as a place to run?

By the time I finished Coot-tha I was running terribly late for the meeting time for Mt Gravatt. A well timed text from KKB kept me on task and I ascended Mt Gravatt by the summit trail.

The view from the summit of Mt Gravatt. Haven't been there for ages. Should go back more.
I ran down on the road and was done in 20 minutes or so.

Three peaks done. Happy AP / Wonder Woman.

As it turned out, I never saw anyone else from the Truth or Dare crowd. That kind of thing happens when you don't make firm plans apart from a loose schedule posted a few weeks ago on Facebook!

From a training perspective, the Three Peaks challenge was definitely a success. I covered more than the distance of a half marathon over the two days, which is more than I would have on just one long run. All of it was hilly, which should transfer to added strength.

I also ran a route I've never done before, but I'll go back to for sure.


  1. You're amazing! Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me and the girls xx

  2. No you are! I am in awe of your efforts over the weekend. :)