By the way... I'm detoxing

Probably should have mentioned this sooner, but I'm currently ten days into a detox.

I'm eliminating meat, wheat, dairy, alcohol and caffeine from my diet until the first weekend in November. I'm also avoiding processed foods to eliminate added sugar. Naturally occurring sugars from fruit is OK.

In the first week I've conquered morning teas and drinks at work (turning down chocolate cake and champagne) and even resisted the urge to chain smoke as stress relief in the absence of chocolate or wine.

So far, I'm going great guns.

I've never really done anything like this before, so you might be asking, why?

Funnily enough, I think the fact that I've never done anything like this before is exactly why I am doing it. I'm not very disciplined with what I eat. Generally, I choose to eat good food, so I kind of get away with it. But if there's cake at work I eat more than one piece. If we can't be bothered cooking dinner after a long day at work, we get take away.

I've had a couple of anomalies in my blood tests in the last little while and I thought it couldn't hurt to have a crack at cleaning out my body.

I am eating basically a vegan diet - which is something I never thought I'd have the discipline to do. It takes time and planning, sure, but for me it's worth it. Having said that, I'm not sure I can sustain the same diet long term, particularly as my training volume increases. I'll need more calories and I'll also need a little more convenience than I have right now. As the detox progresses and comes to an end, I'll have to consider how to incorporate some of the habits into normal life.

And that's the key. What I hope to achieve from the detox is to become more conscious of and responsible for what I eat, and develop the willpower to say no to food that is bad for me.

* I am not a medical professional and this blog post is not intended to provide recommendations or advice, either specific or general.


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  2. Good on you! I did a one month vegan challenge back in June, and found it really fun & interesting. I blogged about it and shared some recipes incase you're in need of some inspiration. Best of luck with it!