Some unexpected (but well received) motivation

It's pouring rain here in Brisbane this morning.

I slept in this morning because of it.

It was gloomy. I didn't want to train in the rain (not even swimming - I'm such a bloody sook).

I was meant to go to the pool early and get in a long-ish swim before a half hour spin on the stationary trainer. I planned to go early because I'm meant to be at the cricket. But cricket and rain don't mix so when my alarm went off at 5am I figured I had all the time in the world to get my training done.

By the time I got up it had eased off for a bit, and I started to think the cricket would be on at 10am after all. But it was now nearly 7am, so I started thinking I might not have time to train...

... I can justify almost anything when my motivation starts to waiver.

Then I got a text from a friend who gave birth to her second child a couple of months ago.

"20 laps in the pool this morning moles..... I'm back! Think we should pencil in a small team race next year!?!?!"

Bloody hell. I'm meant to be training for an Ironman. What am I doing sitting around at 7am on Saturday morning waiting for the rain to stop?

So I went to the pool and thrashed out a quick 1500m, accepting that I probably wouldn't see the first ball bowled. On the drive home it started raining more heavily and I doubted the cricket would be on. ABC Grandstand were confirming this as I drove.

When I got home there wasn't any good reason not to punch out 30 mins on the trainer so I did that too. (Bit too much of a gap but better than not doing it.)

Thanks for the motivation gals. And yes, let's pick a race.

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