28 days and hatching Plan B

It's four weeks to Ironman Melbourne. In 28 days time I'll, hopefully, be heading towards halfway through my marathon.


I hit a bit of a setback this week in the form of a tight gluteus maximus / piriformus. No injury as such; it's just tight as hell. This means a fair bit of rest in the short term to avoid more serious injury. Which, given the timing, translates to a slightly longer taper than I'd planned on.

Time to hatch Plan B.

While the finer details are still unclear to me, I know that Plan B involves:

  • lots of core strength exercises and stretching
  • a small fortune for massage/physio/acupuncture
  • lots of time soaking in Epsom Salt baths
  • not a lot of cycling or running...
  • ...and therefore lots of swimming

It means my longest training ride for this race is the 155ks I rode last week to Wamuran. It means that my longest run is the 31k double run I did last week. (If you don't count double runs the longest run is 28ks).

It's probably enough.

But Plan B also means adjusting mentally to not doing the longest ride I'd planned (180k TT), and not doing the longest run I'd planned (33k).

The friends I've spoken to all agree that I'm better to recover and risk being underdone, than to keep training and risk a greater injury. In my heart of hearts I know that to be the case. I still felt bad pulling out of my publicised-on-Facebook-180k-long-ride at the 100k mark today due to increasing (but not unbearable) soreness to my glute, hip and hamstring.

Then later this afternoon, I read some good advice from a good friend:
Don't give up until there's nothing more you can do.

And the timer on that doesn't run out for another 28 days: midnight on 24 March, the cutoff for Ironman Melbourne.

Plan B, here I come.

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