Racing the Suburbs

This last week I've been running a lot.

In fact I ran six times last week, so that I could make a video of myself running six times, for my friend Kate (aka Speedy Reidy), of House of Goals fame.

Speedy Reidy is about to embark on a 250k, six-stage ultramarathon in Iceland - Racing the Planet - so running a measly 55ks, and documenting it, was the least I could do to support her.

Frequent readers of this blog might remember Speedy Reidy from such adventures as these:

It's safe to say that my friend Kate inspires me and motivates me; to do great things and ridiculous things. She encourages me, and everyone she meets, to pursue their goals. As a result, a lot of people in Kate's life tend to live life to the fullest and try their best to be the best they can be.

I'm not the most talented actor / director / editor / costume designer, but here is my attempt to inspire and motivate Kate, at a time when she probably really needs it.

Go well, Speedy Reidy. You can do it.

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