Why not both?

This is possibly the silliest motivation story you'll ever read.

It involves Strava, one of my favourite TV ads ever, and my love of purple.

I've been trying to get my mojo back and KKB knows this. He dropped the following bombshell very casually into conversation a week or so back.

"Did you know the Strava Gran Fondo jersey this month is purple?"

Strava is a portal where you can track your activities, share them with friends, comment on other people's activities, and set personal records.

Strava also offers motivation through monthly - and other - challenges. One of the monthly challenges that KKB regularly achieves is the Gran Fondo, a 130k ride in one activity, during a 24 hour period. If you complete the Gran Fondo you get the right to purchase that month's jersey. There's a different colour jersey each month.

"Purple? Really?! Maybe I should do it!"

"Well, maybe you should. Maybe they have a running one, maybe you should do that instead."

Instead? What kind of crazy talk is that? Why wouldn't I do both?

I checked, and there is indeed a running challenge, and while I can choose between 10k and a half marathon, I've of course joined the half marathon challenge.

So tomorrow I'm going to attempt to ride 130kms. (I haven't ridden my bike since Ironman Cairns in June, so that should be interesting.)

In two weeks time I'm going to run 21.1ks. (I'm a little more confident that this is achievable.)

All so I can have "both" purple shirts.


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