Loop after loop after loop

Last weekend was the biggest running weekend I've ever compeleted - 82ks in two runs.

On Saturday I met up with a friend who dragged me halfway around the river loop before I headed for home a little slower.

On Sunday I started in the dark, and took in this view on a loop around Enoggera Reservoir at the Gap.

Then ran up South Boundary Road, did a loop of Gold Creek Reservoir, then back down to The Gap overlooking Enoggera Reservoir again.

And that's it.

My hard training is over.

Just four weeks of taper before The North Face 100.

It's at this time of a training program that I start wondering whether I've done enough, whether I could have done something different, or whether there's something more I should have done. 

There is no way of knowing until event day, and even then, sometimes there's still no way to know.

It's at this time of a training program that too much thinking can drive you loopy.


  1. and now you have more time because of decreased training you'll be thinking more than usual!

    be confident in your training and preparation. it's all in the bank now.