Farewell, winter solstice

haven't had to deal with winter training for a couple of years... well, not in the deep depths of winter, otherwise known as the winter solstice. Even as I sit here on Monday morning, writing this, it's only just getting light and it's nearly 7am.

It only lasts for a couple of days but every year around the solstice I feel like the world is darker, less shinier. And it's definitely colder. I don't know why, but it affects my mood. All I want to do is hibernate until it's over.

I didn't have a great weekend of training over the weekend, but yesterday I trumped winter solstice.

I didn't get up early like I'd planned, I didn't drive out to the bush to run on trails like I'd planned either.

Instead I got up at a civilised hour, did a couple of loads of washing, and went and visited my Dad. But instead of driving like I normally would, I caught the train to see Dad and ran home.

It was my first run of a reasonable length since The North Face 100. 25ks. So I knew it wasn't going to be easy. I took my time and, in the end, enjoyed the winter sun and some sights of Brisbane that I don't usually see on my runs.

Ecosciences precinct building, Boggo Road, Brisbane
Shiny new science building at Boggo Road Precinct

Old jail tower and new facade at Boggo Road Jail
The old and the new at Boggo Road Precinct

Fence and old chimney stack, Maritime Museum, Brisbane
Maritime Museum, South Bank, Brisbane
Sun shining on the surface of the Brisbane River
Parts of today were shiny, with the sun shimmering on the Brisbane River.

So I faced winter solstice, and prevailed.

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