parkrun and parks

Today I ran the new Chermside parkrun at 7th Brigade Park.

Plus another 34ks, and another 12 parks.

My tour of Northside Brisbane included
  • Burringba Park
  • Chermside Hills Reserve
  • Downey Park
  • Grange Forest Park
  • Hickey Park
  • John Goss Reserve
  • Marchant Park
  • Milne Hill Reserve
  • Oxenham Park
  • Raven Street Reserve
  • Sparkes Hill Reserve
  • and last (but not least) Teralba Park

In three weeks time I'll be standing in another park. Tulkaba Park, in - where else - Teralba, NSW.

The start of the Great North Walk 100s.

So, I thought passing through Teralba Park on my biggest training weekend deserved a selfie and its own blog post.


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