Why potato chips are an integral part of my nutrition plan

Did anyone know there used to be a potato chip factory at the base of Mt Coot-tha?

I didn't either until I read this sign while passing by on the weekend.

"Normal people are in bed"

I completed 87ks in training last weekend - just two runs, 37ks Saturday and 50ks on Sunday.

I only have one weekend of hard training left before the Great North Walk 100 - today I'll run 24ks home, tomorrow I'll run 40ks (via the new Chermside parkrun), then on Sunday I'll run 50ks on trails.

I am trying to remind myself that this has become a new normal for me... but I keep thinking about the dude that passed me on the trail early on Saturday morning, and grinned back at me over his shoulder, and said, "normal people are in bed you know."

Why am I still running?

So I haven't blogged much since TNF100, but I have been posting photos on Facebook and Instagram. I've been busy. I've been running like crazy, all over the place.

Last week on Instagram I got this response from a friend.

I feel like I need to explain that what's driving me to keep running isn't determination. Largely, it's fear.