Guinea Pig

The tickets are booked, the plans made.

All remains now is to train for the Alps! Our longest day cycling is 140ks taking in Col D'Galibier, Col D'Telegraph, Col de la Croix and Alpe d'Huez.

When the planning started I thought I'd be able to devote my time to cycling, but we happened to find a triathlon over there just a few days after the Tour. So now I have to prepare for a 2.2k swim and a 22k run, either side of a 115k ride through the Alps.

I've decided to stay with my original plan of mainly cycling, with a run and a swim each week, plus a run off the bike. My training schedule will be flexible, so I can train with friends as much as possible, as a contrast to the lonely miles I clock up when training for Ironman.

It will be a test of my commitment and discipline to be able to train with a less rigid schedule - but sometimes you have to experiment a little and see how it works out.

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