Me acknowledging TQ acknowledging me...

This past weekend I was awarded the "Volunteer of the Year - Technical Official" by Triathlon Queensland. Of course, I was extremely flattered that the Technical Committee would nominate me, let alone endorse me as the most outstanding.

When I was introduced as the Technical Official of the year, I found it interesting that most of the achievements the MC talked about related to my competing - finishing Ironman, and also that I was shortly to jet off for my next conquest in France. Maybe it just sounded that way to me, because I was surprised that they would mention my life as a competitor at all.

Perhaps its acknowledgment that you don't have to be one or the other, that being both is more valued by the organisation. If so, I couldn't agree more. Triathlon needs more unity...

Interestingly, TQ took a brave step that night in not only acknowledging an athlete as a TO, but also acknowledging Ironman and 70.3 competitors as world representatives.

To me, the stand TQ took in doing this is more deserving of an award, than my modest contribution to the sport.

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