A change of scenery

This weekend we were at Andy and Miri's wedding at Midginbil Hill, at the foot of Mt Warning. A beautiful ceremony and an excellent weekend away with friends.

The weather wasn't fantastic, as the rain-clouded picture demonstrates. But we didn't let that dampen our spirits, nor stop us from training. Many of the crew had brought their mountain bikes or running shoes (or both) and on Saturday morning, many of us set off for our sabbatical.

KKB and I both ran. I'm usually a fastidious planner of my training routes. I love Map My Run. This weekend I didn't have the luxury of an internet connection with which to plot where and how far I would run. I just had my running shoes, my watch, and, with any luck at least, a sense of direction to get me back to the campsite.

In the end, this added to the sense of contentment I felt when running. Just a bunch of trees, the odd cow and horse, and very few cars. Bliss.

On the way back, I even stopped on the side of the road to gather some additional autumn leaves - at the behest of the bride-to-be. Who am I to argue?

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