Training by trial and error

As I shuffled along Kingsford Smith Drive this morning, a couple of fellow runners did their U-Turn in front of me, and as the minutes passed as I ran along behind them - they didn't get away from me.

I picked up the pace a little, then they stopped for a drink. When I caught them up, we compared notes. Training for the GC Marathon? Check. Three hour run today? Check.

They asked me how long I planned to run on my longest run, and I told them the River Ride. I thought they'd know what I meant because one of them was wearing a cycling jersey - turns out though it was her husband's jersey and she had no idea.

"33ks", I elaborated. But they weren't quite that advanced in their planning, and weren't sure how far they should run in training.

Just before we headed our separate ways, they told me they'd just discovered "these energy things". They were excited that they could now run for more than two hours with the help of an Endura gel.

As they headed off down the opposite way to me, I wished I'd run with them to try and share what I knew about endurance training. Not that I'm an expert. But I've been lucky to have the support and advice from a squad and a coach for most of my time as an Athletic Powerhouse. It's saved me from a lot of trial and error.

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