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Sunday's ride was up Mt Nebo. I was a little apprehensive. Believe it or not, I've never ridden all the way up Mt Nebo before. My only other attempt was a couple of years ago. I tagged along with KKB and his posse on one of my first rides back after a break from training.

(I know. What was I thinking?)

Unsurprisingly, it ended in tears, with me heading back down the hill after making it all but a few ks from the top. I was determined that this time would be different. I knew I was fitter. There was really no excuse.

We headed out through The Gap and started up the climb. At McAfee's Lookout a couple of the team turned back, but Megan and I continued on. (Megan had no excuse either. Her boyfriend had put a 27 tooth cluster on especially.)

Neither of us really took in the scenery, but we definitely appreciated being out in the bush instead of on suburban streets. I pointed out the exact spot I'd stopped last time, opposite a driveway on a bit of a gradient. It really was only about 4ks from the Cafe.

We got to the top in good time - we beat the boys who'd gone off-road via South Boundary Road. We didn't wait long, just replenished quickly and turned for home. The descent was nice - though there is a fair share of ups on the way down. We battled through the suburbs back to Park Road.

Although I didn't get up quite the Ks that I thought I might, it felt good to this time go beyond where I'd previously given up.

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