It's not being unfaithful... is it?

So, I've got this bike, right. He's even got a name. (Lance.) He's a lovely sparkly gold, with matching gold tyres. He fits me perfectly, like we were meant to be together. We've had plenty of wonderful adventures together - three Ironman races, and an odyssey through the French Alps.

But just lately, I've noticed another bike. I first saw him in a bike shop in Adelaide, and although I've tried, I haven't been able to stop thinking about him.

I've browsed online, customising the componentry, accessories, and paint job. (If you like bikes and have some time to kill check out Trek's Project One.)

I don't know whether it's the lure of the shiny purple paint; or perhaps the fantasy of a slimmer (lighter), younger model. Maybe I'm just I'm thinking about the pain and regret that sometimes accompanies looking back and wondering about the one that got away...

I have pondered on my decision. I've talked about it at length. Even people who can't imagine spending this amount of money on a bike have encouraged me to stop thinking about it, and just do it.

So, tomorrow I'm going to see Marty at Planet Cycles to get a fit up, and hopefully, do a deal. I've bought all my bikes off Marty. You can't get more faithful than that, can you.

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