Fear and procrastination

I know, this doesn't sound like the title of a very positive post. But hear me out.

My experience this morning might just show that they are the ultimate motivators: Fear of failure and procrastinating past the point of no return.

As I dressed to run this morning, I contemplated my choices and donned arm warmers for the cooler weather. As I drove to work to start my run it started to rain.

So when I parked, I sat.

And sat, and sat some more.

I didn't want to go out there. It was cold, and it was wet. Ok, so it was only 17 degrees. Hardly bone shattering cold, but it was spitting. Only just. But I'd been sick. Running in the cold and wet wouldn't help me kick the last of it.

There I was. Sitting. In the dark, in my car. At 5.30am. Make that 5.40am. No, make that 5.50.

What on earth was I doing? Was I going to just sit there until I could start work? Clearly, that wasn't a great option. It was... nearly 6am.

By now I didn't have time to get through the 18km I was supposed to run. So I had two choices. Go home, or run. Either way, I had to do something, now.

It only took a momentary thought of the 10km time trial that was scheduled for Friday, to help me decide to run. I hadn't run for over a week. I needed to run, or who knows what would happen.

So, fueled by fear and pushed by procrastination, run I did.

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