Flat out

I found a great location for my run speedwork today.

We'd been hunting for a flat since we arrived in La Grave. Short of going down to Bourg d'Oisan, the next best thing was a little road we found down by the river. Not a bad view, hey?

Well, as it turns out, looks aren't everything.

KKB and I had driven it and ascertained that there was definitely a slope, but in contrast to just about every other road around the Alpes, of course it seemed flat.

We should know that driving a course doesn't provide an appropriate perspective on things.

So what was meant to be 2k efforts at 6:50 min/ks turned into 2k efforts downhill at 5:50 and 2k efforts uphill at around 7.14s.

Not exactly ideal, but the right amounts of effort at pace are in the bank.

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