I wouldn't get out of bed for that... oh, wait....

The morning after my wayward brick session, we drove to Lake Geneva where I planned to finish off my brick with a run along the waterfront. I knew I probably wouldn't get the whole 18ks I was supposed to do in, after all, it was tour day. We had limited time for running, there was riding to do.

I hitched a lift with Vennessa, and on the way she lamented that how her plan to complete the Run Like Crazy marathon with me was fading fast, and told me the story of how she came to the realisation that she might need to reset her goal to something more achievable.

The story started with a friend visiting Ness a few weeks before they'd left Australia and proudly announcing that she was going to train for the 5.7k run at the Melbourne Marathon Festival.

I was thinking "5.7ks... I don't get out of bed for 5.7 ks"! And immediately felt like one of those self sanctimonious runner types that I usually detest. So I was relieved when Ness said that she was suitably encouraging towards her friend, all the while thinking to herself... "who trains for a 5.7 K run?"

Ironically, it was in this moment that the truth snuck up on her. Her previous lofty goal of running a marathon on New Years Eve was quickly slipping away. It was already July and she hadn't come close to finding a way to fit in the time she'd need to train. The demands of being a stay at home Mum with two small boys are not to be underestimated.

Ness has since decided that perhaps she too should pick a shorter event to get her running legs back.

We got to Thonon on Lake Geneva and met up with the KKB and Michael for a quick coffee and croissant before they set off for the ride back to Morzine. We continued down to the lake front to find somewhere for the kids to play while I ran.

Everything was against me on my quest to run. I ran out of path along the waterfront in no time. Time had gotten away from us, and I was suffering from my long day yesterday.

I ran 3.01km at a slow pace, stopping frequently to stretch. Today, running was really hard. Some days are like that.

I felt suitably sheepish for my earlier judgments on what I would and wouldn't get out of bed for. It was good to be reminded that running is hard - it made me grateful for the days that it's not so hard.

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